Happy Snappy invests in the local workforce and has been working with local NGOs, such as the Etefeni "Fit for Life" programme, which specialises in training local individuals by teaching them the basic skills needed to go out into the workplace and secure themselves a job.

Our role is to work with these NGOs and take these individuals into our work environment and continue their training on-site. With Happy Snappy these individuals will learn about photography, sales, as well as basic admin related skills, along with many others. These skills allow these individuals to grow, and provide them with a solid foundation to continue their working life, whether they choose to stay with Happy Snappy or move on to other employment.

With this focus on our recruitment and training we have gained some truly exceptional staff members within our organisation, many of whom have been with us now for years and have become some real Happy Snappy success stories.

Some of these individuals have come from areas where they have had very little, and now are working at some of the best attractions within South Africa, and interacting with international visitors on a daily basis and being great ambassadors for the country.

For many of these staff members this has been life changing, and they have never looked back.