Happy Snappy operates within the tourism sector across South Africa every day.

As a member of Cape Town Tourism we recognise that it is within this South African tourism market that we are able to contribute the most with our services to benefit local industry and employment. We are also passionate about telling the stories of our partner attractions in beautiful South Africa to bring more visitors year on year.

Last year was the inaugural year for the African Attractions Conference and this year was the second year of the important conference held at the Two Oceans Aquarium, which saw significant growth in numbers. Happy Snappy has been a leading financial sponsor at both Attractions Africa Conferences, and as such a key supporter to the launch of this initiative by Sabine Lehman (the MD of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway).

Happy Snappy see this financial support to the conference as an opportunity to invest back into local tourism outside of their existing partner attractions with the focus on coming together within the attractions and theme park industry of South Africa, with industry leaders to discuss the challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of our unique market, and what we can do to enhance current and future commerce, visitation, customer experience and product development among others.

It is so important to acknowledge that emerging markets such as South Africa have vastly unique challenges compared to the developed first world economies and the relevance of discussing local challenges is invaluable. Concepts from IAAPA, and other global conferences, while very important as a reference are simply not always transferrable to our markets – with such a diversity in language, culture, education, financial capacity, visitation, etc.

Happy Snappy recognises this and looks forward to continued support of the Africa Attractions Conference year on year.